Shri Ajay Goyal, a small shop owner in a village named Gurugram in North Haryana thought of giving his customers products made by himself only so that he can be sure of purity. He began with grinding of Chilli Turmeric and Coriander- Cumin and selling them nearby. His firmness on giving pure products was recognized well by customers and soon he needed an organized manufacturing facility with larger base. In 1981. A self- contained factory was mooted at Gurugram in Haryana to cater to the increasing demand from across the Haryana market.

For three decades, pursuing the principle of giving Pure and Quality products, Sufiyana Foods soon emerged as a well-known brand with around 300 distributors satisfying the need of retailers across Haryana. The business has grown several folds. Soon the company recognized the need of bring in ready to Prepare (Instant Mix) products, as more and more house wives ware looking to cut down their time in kitchen as well as to offer variety in their serving dishes. Instant Mix range was started in 2022 and soon captured the taste of customers. 

This increase in the spectrum and the volume of business with spreading of newer markets, called for a larger scale production to meet the ever- growing demand. Large Production with a acommitment to quality necessitated for a Bigger and Modern Automatic Plant adhered to the international standards. The New Plant at Gurugram, Near Haryana epitomizes Sufiyana ’s commitment of giving quality products to millions of its trusted customers. Striving to attain the goal dreamt by the founder Shri Ajay Goyal, his successors Shri Anshul Goyal and Shri Akhil Goyal, took every endeavor in ensuring and maintaining the quality of Sufiyana  Products. The Mission was laid as to, create a satisfied and loyal customer in every kitchen across the land and make them Sufiyana’s brand ambassadors. As the mission continued, Sufiyana Foods Park Pvt. Ltd obtained the coveted Agmark, FSSAI for its products and ISO 22000:2005 standard certification for its ultra-modern Plant at Gurugram, Haryana

Three decades ago, when Shri Ajay Goyal started Sufiyana Products, he looked at a dream to reach every household with his Product. He founded Sufiyana Products on the principle of truth and morality. More so because it is the food business. His insistence on purity and quality of Sufiyana Products stem out of his strong belief that our customer is the lady in kitchen. 

She is very persistent for purity and consistency of taste. To win her confidence we must. Besides being committed to quality and continuity of taste, need to be innovative in our products. With his vision, perseverance and a devoted honesty in business, he led Sufiyana Foods to the newer heights, which have inspired us to follow.

Striving to attain the goal dreamt by our founder, we followed his legacy of honouring the commitments and serving our customers through pure and quality products. Sufiyana Foods today has flourished by advanced manufacturing and quality control technology.

Establish SUFIYANA as the leading culinary brand, offering authentic traditional recipes & home food solutions, with relentless focus on excellence in all we do, ensuring a wholesome experience for our consumers around the world.

The journey of SUFIYANA’s remarkable success starts from 1981 when the dream of one man became a reality! A visionary entrepreneur, an avowed humanist and a committed philanthropist, Mr. Ajay Goyal, Chairman, Future Agro International Inc, helped pave the way to success by pioneering in the tea, spices and sharbat business with a single room operation.

Initially, recipe mixes were only shared within the broader family but in a very short span of time they gained popularity and orders started pouring in from friends, acquaintances and general consumers. Overtime, the company prospered and Mr. Ajay decided to launch his very own brand, “SUFIYANA” and since then there has been no turning back! 

Today, SUFIYANA is a powerful India brand that has presence in over 25 states

At SUFIYANA Foods, our Research & Development comprises of a team of experts and culinary food scientists who work directly with the Board of Directors. These dedicated professionals work religiously to deliver an enticing world of flavors and innovative food products under direct supervision of our board. This reflects in our diverse range of high quality food products while maintaining a wide range of successful recipes mixes that have already left a mark within the spice industry across the globe.

Our modern R&D lab is equipped with high-end commercial kitchen and state-of-the-art equipment to accelerate and aid innovation. This also includes sensory facilities for objective evaluation of the different characteristics in our finished products. With its extensive resources, SUFIYANA’s R&D continuously explores new ideas and strives to develop trending prototype food products.

At SUFIYANA Foods, quality is our religion. We strive to set our Quality Operations as a benchmark for the industry at large.

Our mission is to provide our consumers with supreme standards of product quality, safety and consistency. Our Quality Control department regularly monitors the different phases of production from research & development to packaging and distribution while conforming to national and international regulation and legislation. This ensures highest quality at each stage of production for our consumers to safely enjoy our food products.

At SUFIYANA Foods, products across all categories are manufactured, packed, stored and transported under the most hygienic conditions while maintaining international quality standards. This is made possible through regular quality checks and audits involving rigorous inspection of all products as per international best practices.

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